We Are

We a Company with a vision to exploit the goodness of science have identified “Natural Microbes” as a means to serve the community. With an unambiguously vital role played by Microbes in sustaining the environ, we have developed alternative eco-friendly strategies with their help.

Salem Microbes Pvt. Ltd., has engeged itself in the isolation of these “Natural Microbes” in its state of art plant situated in the cool valley of Salem. Our strength lies in commitment towards delivering quality hi-tech products from the point of raw material selection to finished product, to assist our customers in fullfilling their purpose.

Salem Microbes Pvt. Ltd., has developed a range of microbial pond ecosystem sustainers and competitive exclusion cocktail for aquaculture, fishery and poultry. As a part of the effort to provide a healthy environ, we have also developed bioremediation products and new generation disinfectant formulations for various industries and house holds. We are always working towards to bring in new technologies and practices to improve the profitability of our customers.