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Immunostimulant for Shrimp Hatchery

Shrimp Larvae in Hatcheries are exposed to various forms of Stress as Pathogens, Improper sanitation, Handling, Changes in Environment etc. To efficiently combat these stressful conditions, a more Vigorous Body defense mechanism becomes crucial. But the Immune system of shrimps is not very well developed. It only provides time to time immunity to shrimps and do not have memory of the pathogens / stress they have encountered.

Mode of Defense

In this immune capability, the phagocytic process is the main cellular defense reaction and together with humoral components, constitutes the first line of defense against infectious microorganism like bacteria, fungi and viruses. This process consists of Chemo taxis, Adherence, Ingestion, Pathogen destruction, and Exocytosis.

To stimulate these phagocyte cells various components like Algal, Bacterial and Viral markers are used. Of these, STRESSBEAT contains proven Bacteria and its components as Immunostimulant.This combination has been scientifically shown to counteract the stressful conditions of hatcheries and improve health and survival of the crustacean larvae.

Heavy bioluminescence treatment should start by application of SeedOne in the Sand filter stage. This is to dominate the Luminous Vibrio, if detected in considerable numbers during production cycles.

  • Production of primed phagocytes.
  • Increased SOD and CAT activity in stimulated shrimp.
  • Better Hepatopancreas health and digestive fluid production.
  • Better recovery of damaged shrimp.
  • Least stressed and immune enhanced shrimp.
  • Algae-safe.
  • Selected probiotic isolates of "Bacillus" species
  • Cellular components of probiotic bacteria.
  • Apply 2- 4 ppm of product into the hatchery tank (or) 1-2 ppm blend into feed with binder.
  • To be added once a day at first feeding after water exchange.
  • This product is highly soluble in water of all salinities. When used as a feed supplement, take care to use a quality binder to prevent leaching from the feed and prevent floating of feed.

12 Months