Oxygen Support Tablet

Increases Oxygen in Aquarium and Breeding Tanks

FOUR FISH OXYGEN SUPPORT TABLET is a new generation sodium per borate based oxygen generator made specially for improving the dissolved oxygen levels in ornamental ??sh tanks and ponds. This is a formulated to help the ornamental enthusiast to overcome the sudden drop in DO of the aquarium glass tanks and breeding ponds.

Addition of FOUR FISH OXYGEN SUPPORT TABLET under these circumstances will help in overcoming the DO stress.


Sodium Perborate and tabletting aids

  • Readily increases oxygen level during DO drops.
  • Releases oxygen for a long duration.
  • Effectively cleans deposits in the tank and pond bottom.
  • Works under wide temperature, pH and salinity ranges.


For do problem in glass tanks :-

Apply 1 tablet per 80 - 100 liters of water. This can maintain comfortable Oxygen for the ??sh for next 6-8 hours. If necessary apply more tablets in case of densely populated aquaria.

For Breeding tanks of all kinds :-

Apply 10 tablets in a conditioning tank of 1000 liters

Apply 20 tablets every 200 square feet of earthen or polythene lined ponds.


FOUR FISH OXYGEN SUPPORT TABLET can be easily dropped in emergency situations like machinery and power failure. This goes directly to the tank bottom and increases DO level. These Tablets are also helpful in relieving stress, shock by their longacting characteristics.


Drop required number of tablets into the glass tank or breeding tanks. You can see evolution of bubble within few seconds. Bubble keeps evolving for 8-12 hours depending on various conditions. Remove if there are any tablet remains after 12 hours.


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