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Tox Beat


TOXBEAT is a blend of selected strains of microorganisms to overcome the problems faced by evolution of Hydrogen Sulphide gas from pond bottom, Black soil formation, Foul odour (Rotten Egg Smell)on Water and shrimps and excess blooming.

TOXBEAT work by,

TOXBEAT with its Anaerobic and Aerobic combination oxidises Hydrogen Sulphide and utilises Nitrate to combat their negative effects.

This effectively controls and also reduces over blooming.

The Rotten Egg smell developed from the black soil slowly gets eliminated and restores the Pond Water Quality to the desirable level.

TOXBEAT stops Shrimp mortality and progressively increases feed intake to the expected quantity.

Positive results,

  • Oxidises Hydrogen Sulphide gas
  • Prevents Black soil formation
  • Reduces nitrate and over blooming.
  • Stabilises pH
  • Improves Water Quality

TOXBEAT contains proprietary blend of selected strains of Live Microbial cultures.

Count: A minimum of 2.5 billion CFU per gram.
Appearance: Free flowing, brown powder
Odor: Yeast Like
pH: Neutral

For a pond area of 1 Hectare with 1 meter water depth,add 1 kilogram of TOXBEAT.

Avoid use of Algaecides, herbicides and sanitizers when using TOXBEAT.

Black Pond bottom with Black soil
      Good Pond Bottom
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Pond Bottom Quality

The Pond bottom substrata in an aquaculture Pond is subject to continuous changes with its characteristics since Pond preparation up to Harvest.

The Quality of the Pond bottom is determined by various parameters during different stages of Culture, as the feed consumption increases with advancing days of culture the Pond bottom is under immense stress with the uneaten feed, Digested excreta, Dead algae, Moults remains, Loads of Anaerobic and Aerobic Bacteria.

Apart from practised system of Water Exchange, Mineral and HSACS applications and Probiotic applications to improve the Water Quality and Minimise Pathogen Effect, maintaining Pond bottom Quality is significantly important.

Continuous deposition of aforesaid waste materials leads to Excess Bloom, Anaerobic spots of Black soil, rotten egg smell, Increase in Ammonia, Increase in BOD and COD and Decrease in Dissolved Oxygen levels.

TOXBEAT targets these limiting factors in a phased manner and favourably changes the Pond Bottom Quality.

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1 Kg HDPE containers.