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Superchlor total

SUPER CHLOR TOTAL is a specially manufactured Liquid to treat large volume of water in a very short time, making it germ free and safe to use.

Why to Disinfect Water?

The Water Collected to the Water tank either from a Borewell or Open wells or River or Springs are exposed to different conditions of contamination during its transport. This leads to development of Disease Causing BACTERIA, VIRUS, FUNGI, ALGAE AND WORMS.
Also the green algae that develops slowly forms a filmy layer on the side walls and pipelines, to act as home for germs and Algae. Residences, Apartments, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Hotels, Community halls, Commercial complexes, Swimming Pools and Public utilities pose the risk of Easy transmission of Water Borne Diseases through a common source.

SUPER CHLOR TOTAL comes as Right approach to overcome this problem of mass contamination and provides us a Hygienic Healthy Water for Drinking and all other usages.

SUPER CHLOR TOTAL is a new generation disinfectant solution. The solution is Clear, Colourless with slight Chlorine smell. If does not form precipitates of hardness. It is stable up to 100°C. It decomposes very slowly. It is non corrosive and non foaming. Eco friendly and Biodegradable.

Salient Features
  • Potent Germicide 
  • Slime Control
  • No Aftertaste
  • No Trihalomethanes formation
  • High residual effect to avoid recontramination
  • Operationally the most reliable
  • Easy to apply, control and monitor
  • Less hazardous
  • Works at low dosage in post disinfection
  • Destroys Phenols, which cause taster and odor problems.

As per Technical advice. Once can is opened, the material should be used within 60 days for effective results.


35 Liter cans.


Keep away from sunlight and heat. Away from children. Store in original container. Keep container tightly closed after each use.
One year from the date of manufacture.

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