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PROBIOTIC FOR Hatchery Application

Seedone is an instantly soluble, superconcentrated probiotic blend for use in Aquaculture Hatcheries. The selected strains of SeedOne has high livability, adapts faster to a wide range of salinity and acts instantaneously, as activation by brewing is NOT required. SeedOne is recommended for use in Broodstock, Naupli,Zoea, Mysis and Post Larvae stages.

SeedOne Vs Luminous Vibrio:

Luminous Vibrio can be detected in all stages of Hatchery Production Cycle, as the source could originate from any of the following as Brookstock, Feeds, Water Pipelines, Live Algae and Artemia.

Aggravation of Vibrio leads to Zoea2syndrome, leading to miserable failure of expected production.

Heavy bioluminescence treatment should start by application of SeedOne in the Sand filter stage. This is to dominate the Luminous Vibrio, if detected in considerable numbers during production cycles.

  • Seeds Water with beneficial Bacteria.
  • Removes Bacterial Bioluminescence by Vibrio Sp.
  • Degrades Waste and removes slime.
  • Controls Toxic Ammonia and H2S.
  • Ensures Better Water Quality for Higher Survival & Faster Growth.
  • Ensures smooth transition of moulting from Mysis to PL stage.
  • Improves Digestion.
  • Increases Disease Resistance.
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bacillus licheniformis
  • Bacillus sulfidophilus
  • Bacillus amyloliquefaciens

A minimum of 2×10 11 cfu / gram


Appearance : Free flowing, brown powder
Odor : Yeast-like
pH : Neutral

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For Broodstock : 2-5 ppm
For Zoea / Mysis : 1-4 ppm
For PostLarvae : 1-4 ppm
For Sand Filter treatment : 1-4 ppm

Probiotics are best used prophylactically, in smaller quantities and in regular interc=vals for best results. However, a contaminated system may require a single shock treatment with a higher dose (upto 10 ppm) to gain control followed by Normal doses.

Probiotics should not be used simultaneously with any Antibiotics, Chemicals and/or Disinfectants, as it will destroy the live bacteria present. In unavoidable circumstances, allow a considerable time gap between the applications, to minimise the effect.


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