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Sal Min


Sal Min is a specially formulated supplement for Fish feeds with all essential ingredients which keep Fish healthy and help achieve high yields.
Sal Min provides essential Macro and Micro Minerals, Vitamins and Amino acids in full. Minerals presented through Sal Min are essentials for skeletal structures, co-factors of enzymes and other biological life processes of Fish.

Sal Min provides complete assimilable calcium, magnesium and sulphur, which are very much essential in the formation of bone and shell, maintaining tonicity of muscles and formation of collagen to Fish.

Sal Min provides microminerals such as manganese, copper, cobalt, iron, zinc, selenium, molybdenum which are essential for blood formation, enzyme reactions of the gut, body cells and for development of fin and scales in Fish.

Sal Min provides Aluminium, which is essential to reduce the incidence of active metabolism in the gut due to swollen legumins eaten by Fish.
Sal Min provides, Iodine, which prevents goiter in Fish.

Sal Min provides essential amino acids - Lysine and Methionine, which help in protein synthesis, thus achieving good flesh quality in Fish.

Sal Min provides the needed vitamins essential for normal growth and maintenance of Fish. Dietary vitamin requirements of Fish are mainly based on size, stocking density, age, growth rate, physiological conditions, health status, nutrient composition of the diet, environmental conditions and also the availability of vitamins from natural foods.
Sal Min fortifies fish with the needed vitamin requirements.
Sal Min is indicated for faster growth rate, increased weight gains, better feed conversion and for improved health.


1 Kg per MT of feed or as per technical advise.


10 Kg bags.

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 Thiamine 3.00 Grams
 Riboflavin 10.00 Grams
 Pyridoxine 5.00 Grams
 Pantothenate 15.00 Grams
 Niacin 30.00 Grams
 Vitamin A 10,00,000.00 IU
 Vitamin E 10.00 Grams
 Calcium 480.00 Grams
 Manganese 8.30 Grams
 Iodine 1.00 Grams
 Zinc 40.00 Grams
 Choline 45.00 Grams
 Iron 39.00 Grams
 Copper 16.00 Grams
 Cobalt 1.71 Grams
 Magnesium 104.00 Grams
 Sodium 30.00 Grams
 Selenium 1.43 Grams
 Molybdenum 0.71 Grams
 Aluminium 55.00 Grams
 Cromium 1.00 Grams
 Chloride 50.00 Grams
 Sulphate 40.00 grams
 Alanine 60 Mgs
 Arginine 3.2 Grams
 Aspartic Acid 80 Mgs
 Cystine 850 Mgs
 Glutamic Acid 120 Mgs
 Glycine 60 Mgs
 Histidine 15 Mgs
 Isoleucine 2.2 Mgs
 Leucine 4.1 Mgs
 Lysine 3.7 Grams
 Methionine 800 Mgs
 Phenylalanine 27 Mgs
 Proline 30 Mgs
 Serine 40 Mgs
 Threonine 3.1 Grams
 Tryptophan 760 Mgs
 Tyrosine 10 Mgs
 Valine 2.38 Grams