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Intake Poultry


Proper gut health improves the productivity of farm animal as this is a vital organ which supports nutrient absorption and well being for desired growth.

The Quality of the ingredient used for the preparation of formulated feed is compromised by stressful conditions (changes in moisture, aeration or temperature or exposure to contamination) will result in moulds producing mycotoxins, having adverse effect on Health and productivity of the animals.

INTAKE-POULTRY is a corrective measure to neutralise the harmful effects of these conditions by its different components selectively acting for specific purposes.

INTAKE-POULTRY is a synergistic combination of Organic acids, Essential oils, Antioxidants and Prebiotics to ensure specialised condition for better feed digestion, assimilation and absorption.

INTAKE-POULTRY contributes immensely for a pathogen free GI system to ensure steady growth and development of the Shrimps.


INTAKE-POULTRY works on a Double Target as on the feed and GI tract.It reduces the pH of the GI tract,therby eliminating the pathogenic bacteria.

It lowers the feed pH thereby activating, improving the secretion of the digestive enzymes.

It stimulates the chelation of minerals in feed to assure complete absorption.



Organic Acids

pH alteration, Pathogen Control, Enzyme secretion
Essential Oils
Flavouring agent, Feed Attractant
Ensure Feed Quality without spoilage
Promotes Benefecial bacteria.
  • It regulates Gut pH and combats pathogens.
  • Improves Protein and Fat digestability.
  • Prevents GI disorders and thereby stress.
  • Prevents lumping of feed.
  • Increase Overall feed intake and FCR.
  • Assures wellbalanced intestinal microflora.


1-3 Kg/MT Feed.


1 kg and 25 Kg pack.