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INTAKE is a Synergistic combination of Organic acids, Essential Oils, Antioxidants,
and Prebiotics to ensure specialised condition for Better Feed digestion, assimilation and absorption.

INTAKE contributes immensely for a pathogen free gastrointestinal tract (GI) to ensure steady growth and development of the Shrimps.

How It works...

INTAKE works on a Double Target as on the Feed and GI tract.
It reduces the pH of the GI tract, thereby eliminating the pathogenic bacteria.

It Lowers the Feed pH thereby activating improved secretion of the digestive Pepsin and Pancreatic enzymes.

It stimulates the chelating of minerals in feed to assure complete absorption.

  • Assures a well balanced intestinal micro flora
  • Improves Protein and Fat digestibility
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Prevents GI disorders and infections
  • Improves feed intake

A propritery blend of Organic acids,Essential oils,Antioxidants,Prebiotics.


To Improve feed intake: Add 10 grams of INTAKE per Kilogram of feede.Ensure that it is added in atleast 2 feed schedules a day,to maintain a healthy stock.

During periods of stress as Improper digestion / off feed:
Apply 20 grams/Kg of feed in all feed schedule continuously for 7 days.


The formulated feed contains certain quantity of various inputs to control spoilage of the feed during processing,storage and disrtibution.But the consuming animals are subject to various unfavourable conditions as Poor Water quality,Digestive disorders,Internal and External Bacterial Infections which unfavourably influences the Feed Utilisation as designated to be.This leads to Poor Feed Intake,Digestion and Assimilation.

INTAKE is a corrective measure to neutralise the harmful effects of these conditions by its different components selectively acting for Specific purposes.

   Organic Acids pH alteration , Pathogen Control ,Enzyme Secretion
   Essential Oils Flavouring agent , Feed Attractant
   Antioxidants Ensures Feed Quality without spoilage
   Prebiotics Promotes Beneficial Bacteria

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