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IMMUTRON is a synergistic blend of Natural components meant for enhancing the Natural immunity of the Shrimps and Fishes.

IMMUTRON is THE ULTIMATE DEFENDOR coming to the rescue of the shrimps in unforeseen circumstances.

The ill developed immunity system of shrimps needs a component for its improved performance, which is provided by IMMUTRON.

The ALL NATURAL ingredients which are otherwise not available through any source to the animals are provided by IMMUTRON, thus bridging the gap between the Need and Availability.


Gluco-mannan, B-carotene, Bio-Se-Mn-Zn, Lipopolysaccharides, Phycocyanin, Chlorophyll-A, Essential Amino Acids etc.

  • Stimulates natural Immunity of shrimps and fishes.
  • Increases Disease resistance by modifying immune response
  • Counteracts microbial toxins present in water and feed
  • Prevents the colonization of pathogenic bacteria in the intestine by stimulating phagosytosis.
  • Reduces stress caused by Bacterial, viral, fungal and protozoan infections.
  • Provides Bio-Se-Mn-Zn to strengthen defense armamentarium.
  • Improves Survival of shrimp larva.
Shrimps and Prawns: 10 grams per Kilogram of feed once a day.

500 Grams pouches.

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