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Bugbeat Hatchery

PROBIOTIC FOR Hatchery Application

Bugbeat Hatchery is a dry, synergistic blend of natural bacteria specifically designed to enhance immune response of shrimp seedlings, while eliminating specific pollutants
that are known to negatively impact their health which make them vulnerable to diseases, including Vibrio harveyi.

Bugbeat Hatchery combats Luminous Vibrio, thoroughly cleans the water of residual feed and feces, while participating in the natural carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus
and sulfur cycles to enhance water quality.

Bugbeat Hatchery is recommended for use in Broodstock, Naupli, Zoea, Mysis and Post Larvae stages.


  • Probiotic protection of aquatic inhabitants.
  • Effective against Luminous Vibrio.
  • Reduces slime build up.
  • Acts against Ammonia, Nitrite & H S 2
  • Effective at wide temperature range.
  • Improves water clarity and keeps animal clean.
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive.
  • Storage at room temperature.
Live microbial culture

3 billion CFU/Gram


Appearance : Free flowing, brown powder
Odor : Yeast-like
pH : Neutral

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For Hatchery Tank : 1-2 ppm

Probiotics are best used prophylactically, in smaller quantities and in regular intervals for best results. However, a contaminated system may require a single shock treatment with a higher dose (upto 10 ppm) to gain control followed by Normal doses.

Probiotics should not be used simultaneously with any Antibiotics, Chemicals and/or Disinfectants, as it will destroy the live bacteria present. In unavoidable circumstances, allow a considerable time gap between the applications, to minimise the effect.