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Liquid Ammonia Controller & Bloom Developer

Amex is a liquid blend of marine bacterial species designed to control Ammonical nitrogen level of the pond. The build up pf ammonia is gradual up to a certain threshold but the effects are explosive in nature. So it is imperative to keep the ammonia levels well under control in ponds with an average pH of 8.3 and above.

 Reduces Ammonia and Nitrate in pond.
 Promotes a healthily Algal Bloom.
 Reduces H2S accumulation & off-flavour.
 Effective even at relatively high BOD/COD (under 200 ppm), Wide temperature and pH  range (6.5 to 90)
Mix required quantity of AMEX to 10 litres of pond water; allow to stand for 2 hours and apply to pond.

Reference table to find Unionized Ammonia (UIA)

  • Nitrosomonas spp
  • Nitrobacter spp
  • Anaerobic Bacillus sp
Nitrosomonas spp. Click on the image to Enlarge

During pond preparation (for plankton development)

Apply amex 2 litres per hectare of pond. A noticeable colour change is seen in two days. If plankton development is low repeat the dose of Amex with organic degrader BIO OB for better results.

During Culture

Apply 500 ml every 15 days during first 60 days of culture, once the feed rate crosses20 Kgs per day per hectare apply 2 litres ofAMEX every 15 days to keep ammonia under control.

1 liter HDPE bottles.

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